Feature / Benefit

  • WonderWare Intouch graphical HMI
  • Easy to use industry standard and integratable
  • Open architecture software design
  • No "black box" proprietary software to manage
  • Real-time process data displayed
  • Maximize operator efficiency and process knowledge
  • ATM Automatic Target Management
  • Quicker profile optimization
  • Quality reporting software
  • Archiving nd analysis capability
  • Off-the-shelf components
  • Design simplicity, readily available parts, reduced downtime

Simplicity and ease of use are key to AIS systems software packages.  AIS utilizes the industry standard WonderWare graphical interface package.  Wonderware in a highly scalable, complete SCADA system that is ideal for measurement systems.  Combined with an Opto22, or any PLC control system, Wonderware provides continuous measurement with realtime feedback response and highly detailed data capture for companies needing more advanced control functions.

From simple to complex, AIS controls provide the perfect balance between optimized process control and HMI user friendliness.  Whether it is automatic die control in plastics, cascade control in paper, coating control or complex galvanizing control in metals, AIS systems have the capability to get the most out of your process lines.

  Software and Control Systems

Feature / Benefit

  • Built with Aveva Intouch
  • Very easy to learn and operate
  • Open architecture software design
  • Real-time process data displays
  • Real-time profile optimization
  • Production & Quality Reports
  • Features Dark and Light background color modes
  • Available for upgrading exisiting/outdated HMI and I/O
  • Configurable multi-view displays

AIS Gauging's EnvisionPro HMI is the most advanced process measurement and control software platform on the market. EnvisionPro combines the speed of Envision products with the functionality and Open Architecture of Aveva Intouch WonderWare, all on a secure and reliable Windows 10 platform. This HMI software pushes total sensor measurement and process control integration even further toward Industry 4.0/IIoT customer enviornments.

  EnvisionPro HMI for Gauging Systems