HMI Software Advantages

* Superior “HMI” Human Machine Interface using

* Wonderware InTouch™
* Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
* User Configurable Screens and Reporting with lock-outs
* Complete display customization 

* Networking Capabilities
* Remote and internet viewing/servicing capabilities
* Data Exchange through Access, Excel or other Windows programs
* Control solutions to optimize profitability
* Open Platform Architecture
* OPC Interface
* VPN Access/Remote Service Diagnostics
* User configurable displays


Hardware Advantages - Computer

* Standard off the shelf components
* Dell precision workstation
* Or any workstation your company prefers
* No software key no software licensing to purchase


Hardware Advantages - OPTO22

* Founding members of the OPC foundation  
* OPC to any “intelligent“ controller
* Supported for life
* Lifetime module warranty - 2 years processor warranty
* OPTO 22 is similar to a PLC but faster
* Communicates directly to AB via Ethernet IP
* Faster speed = Less filtering = up to 4000 processes/sec

Overall System Advantages

Non proprietary off-the-shelf components
* Less expensive and no price mark-ups
* Buy from us or directly from your local supplier
Open Platform Architecture
* EVERYTHING is tag-name driven
* Will Seamlessly Integrate with existing controls/data collection
Non-forced obsolescence
* Standard PC and peripherals
* IO Processor and modules are supported for life
Easy to Use and Maintain
* HMI is customizable
* Best-in-class design for ease of service
Made in the USA