Quarterly Preventative Maintenance

> Overall system inspections. (Power supplies, wiring, communications and peripherals)

> Thorough scanner inspection. (Belts, pulleys, bearings, lights, cables, lubricant and switches).

> Verify gauge electronic stability through standardization information.

> Thorough drive motor inspection for signs of excessive wear.
> Perform frame alignment scans. Clean the gauges and verify calibration accuracy.
> Insure the software back-ups are current.

Semi-annual Preventative Maintenance
> All Quarterly Preventative Maintenance.
> Perform Radiation Safety checks and wipe tests to insure

compliance with the NRC or your states governing body.
> Records provided

Annual Preventative Maintenance
> All Quarterly Preventative Maintenance.
> Replace the head carriage roller assemblies.

Emergency Services
> We are able to perform any emergency service your measurement system may require.
> Our promise is to be on-site within 48 hours of being called. (Typical response time of <24 hours).
> We maintain a thorough inventory of system spares, and provide them below that of the OEM supplier.
> Should a part be required outside of our inventory, we will help coordinate the purchase and return shipment of that part.

> On-site, we will assist the operators with any training issues that arise.
> We will work with Management on the development and implementation of several types of training courses for both maintenance and operation.

Radiation Safety Checks and Testing
> Wipe Tests.
> Site Surveys.
> Safety Checks (for Kr-85 and X-ray sources).
> Radioactive Source Leak Tests.
> Records provided.